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William Davison View 

For all those kind people offering me sage advice about dealing with trolls, thank you. But consider this. Troll is primarily a word invented to demean people who disagree with you. Sure some people deserve it, but many just disagree with you. I agree with speaking out publicly in what I believe in and I will continue to do so. I agree it's probably not the best use of my time, but so be it. Unless we stand up for what we think, and know, is true, then we're nowhere. 

What you might also consider is your own role. If you see the reputation of people you know being defamed, maybe you'd consider saying something public in defence? Like, for example, 'I know William, he's a committed professional journalist, and it's absurd to allege he's paid by the government to write propaganda'. Something like that. 
It's all very easy to sit on the sidelines and tell me to not argue online with people so much. But if you hadn't noticed, in any number of political situations these days, there's quite a lot of people who think they have reasonable views sitting on the sidelines, while others with more, err, committed stances, slug it out. 
Yeah, OK, I'll try not to get over-involved with people who are merely insulting me, so as not to encourage them, etc. But rather than just advising me to leave the floor to the zealots, why don't some of you think about stepping into the fray some time, rather than lurking comfortably in the shadows?




Prepared by: William Davison

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