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6 signs your relationship won’t last longer

6 signs your relationship won’t last longer

Once a relationship finally ends, the one thing many of us tend to regret is not leaving the relationship earlier. Let’s face it, unfortunately, not every relationship pans out the way you first imagined it would. It begins with long conversations about your childhood, dreams and hopes and you’re excited about sharing your life with a new person but somewhere down the line, certain red flags start popping up that shouldn’t be ignored. If you notice any of these six signs or red flags in your relationship, it is better to accept the fact that it isn’t going to last in the long run.

1. You get the urge to check their phone and emails 

As soon as your partner leaves the room, do you try to access their emails and social media accounts? This is a major red flag that indicates it is better to end amicably the relationship before it takes an ugly turn. Trust is a major factor in any relationship and if that is lacking, there’s absolutely no way your relationship has any scope of surviving.

2. You don’t accept him the way he is

If you’re unable to accept him and instead find yourself trying to change several aspects of his personality, it is another major red flag. Small things like trying to get him to like different genres of movies and music is fine. However, if you are trying to change his career goals, the way he dresses and who he should hang out with, the two of you are just not meant to be together.

3. He doesn’t accept you for what you are either

This works both ways. On the other hand, if he doesn’t accept you the way you are and keeps criticizing your choice of clothes, your job, friends and other aspects of your life, it is only a matter of time before the relationship starts disintegrating.

4. Both of you avoid any form of confrontation

Every healthy relationship has its fair share of fights and arguments. It is completely normal for conflict to arise between two people who care for each other. If either one of you is passive aggressive and avoids communicating about what it is that is bothering them, the reality is the two of you are heading towards splits whether you like it or not.

5. Your emotional needs aren’t being fulfilled

If you constantly feel unheard, misunderstood and like you can no longer share your personal wants and needs with your partner, it is another major red flag. If your needs aren’t being met and despite attempting to communicate with your partner, things are still stagnant, it’s just not going to work. These are the 5 signs you’re being taken for granted.

6. You’re the only one making all the effort

This point should be obvious but most of us are guilty of trying too hard to make the relationship work. However, while you’re busy trying to meet all your partners needs, you tend to forget that a relationship is all about giving and taking. If you’re doing all the giving and none of that is being reciprocated, head to the nearest exit door immediately. These are the 6 signs which say it’s time to break-up.




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