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  • William Davison View

    William Davison View 

    For all those kind people offering me sage advice about dealing with trolls, thank you. But consider this. Troll is primarily a word invented to demean people who disagree with you. Sure some people deserve it, but many just disagree with you. I agree with speaking out publicly in what I believe in and I will continue to do so. I agree it's probably not the best use of my time, but so be it. Unless we stand up for what we think, and know, is true, then we're nowhere. 

    What you might also consider is your own role. If you see the reputation of people you know being defamed, maybe you'd consider saying something public in defence? Like, for example, 'I know William, he's a committed professional journalist, and it's absurd to allege he's paid by the government to write propaganda'. Something like that. 
    It's all very easy to sit on the sidelines and tell me to not argue online with people so much. But if you hadn't noticed, in any number of political situations these days, there's quite a lot of people who think they have reasonable views sitting on the sidelines, while others with more, err, committed stances, slug it out. 
    Yeah, OK, I'll try not to get over-involved with people who are merely insulting me, so as not to encourage them, etc. But rather than just advising me to leave the floor to the zealots, why don't some of you think about stepping into the fray some time, rather than lurking comfortably in the shadows?




    Prepared by: William Davison

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  • 6 signs your relationship won’t last longer

    6 signs your relationship won’t last longer

    Once a relationship finally ends, the one thing many of us tend to regret is not leaving the relationship earlier. Let’s face it, unfortunately, not every relationship pans out the way you first imagined it would. It begins with long conversations about your childhood, dreams and hopes and you’re excited about sharing your life with a new person but somewhere down the line, certain red flags start popping up that shouldn’t be ignored. If you notice any of these six signs or red flags in your relationship, it is better to accept the fact that it isn’t going to last in the long run.

    1. You get the urge to check their phone and emails 

    As soon as your partner leaves the room, do you try to access their emails and social media accounts? This is a major red flag that indicates it is better to end amicably the relationship before it takes an ugly turn. Trust is a major factor in any relationship and if that is lacking, there’s absolutely no way your relationship has any scope of surviving.

    2. You don’t accept him the way he is

    If you’re unable to accept him and instead find yourself trying to change several aspects of his personality, it is another major red flag. Small things like trying to get him to like different genres of movies and music is fine. However, if you are trying to change his career goals, the way he dresses and who he should hang out with, the two of you are just not meant to be together.

    3. He doesn’t accept you for what you are either

    This works both ways. On the other hand, if he doesn’t accept you the way you are and keeps criticizing your choice of clothes, your job, friends and other aspects of your life, it is only a matter of time before the relationship starts disintegrating.

    4. Both of you avoid any form of confrontation

    Every healthy relationship has its fair share of fights and arguments. It is completely normal for conflict to arise between two people who care for each other. If either one of you is passive aggressive and avoids communicating about what it is that is bothering them, the reality is the two of you are heading towards splits whether you like it or not.

    5. Your emotional needs aren’t being fulfilled

    If you constantly feel unheard, misunderstood and like you can no longer share your personal wants and needs with your partner, it is another major red flag. If your needs aren’t being met and despite attempting to communicate with your partner, things are still stagnant, it’s just not going to work. These are the 5 signs you’re being taken for granted.

    6. You’re the only one making all the effort

    This point should be obvious but most of us are guilty of trying too hard to make the relationship work. However, while you’re busy trying to meet all your partners needs, you tend to forget that a relationship is all about giving and taking. If you’re doing all the giving and none of that is being reciprocated, head to the nearest exit door immediately. These are the 6 signs which say it’s time to break-up.




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  • List Of 30+ Profitable Manufacturing Business With Low Investment

    List Of 30+ Profitable Manufacturing Business With Low Investment

    1. Agarbatti Making

    Agarbatti making business can be initiated as small scale or large scale basis. Agarbatti is considered as household goods having a great market potential. The burning of agarbatti or incense in religious and social functions has been practiced in India since early times. Agarbatti an aromatic powder or paste is burnt in Indian homes as a fragrant fumigant and is reputed to possess insecticidal and antiseptic properties.

    2. Aluminium Door Window Manufacturing

    Aluminium door window manufacturing business is one of the profitable small business manufacturing opportunity in light engineering industry sector. You can start this business with small startup capital.

    3. Biscuit Making

    Biscuit making business is very lucrative and can be initiated as small scale basis. Biscuit making is a conventional activity and an entrepreneur can initiate this business with low startup capital also. Despite the advent of modern, large capacity and automatic biscuit making plants, a large section of people still prefers fresh biscuits from the local bakery as they are cheap and offer many varieties.

    4. Blouse Hook Making

    Blouse hook making business can be initiated as small scale home based basis. Blouse hook is an essential item for garment and clothing industry. It used generally in women’s wear such as blouses, churidars, tops, kameezes, frocks etc. Any individual with low startup capital investment can start this venture to earn handsome money. Apart from the wholesaler and retailer every garment manufacturing company, tailor, alteration service houses are the buyer of this product.

    5. Candle Making

    Candle making business can be initiated as small scale and part time basis. People lighten candle not only for religious purpose but also as a decor item. Apart from the traditional long white candle, there is also a very potential market for scented and decorative candles.

    6. Cartoon Crates Manufacturing 

    Cartoons are widely used for bulk packaging. Crates are speciality packaging generally used in custom and export- oriented material. This is considered as one of the most profitable small business manufacturing ideas in B2B business.

    7. Chalk Making

    Chalk making or chalk production business can be initiated as home-based and small scale basis. In developing countries still chalk is used for writing on blackboards in schools. Apart from schools, educations and training institutes, chalks are used by tailors, furniture makers, construction workers and by many industries. Chalks are actually round shaped sticks and it comes either as white or in colours.

    8. Chocolate Making

    The production process of chocolate may vary according to the different quality of chocolate. Also according to the availability of raw material you can decide the taste and ingredients for chocolate production. Chocolate making is one of the most profitable food processing business.

    9. Conveyor Belt Manufacturing 

    Rubber conveyor belt is an essential item for every continuous production process units. The demand for rubber conveyor beltings has been steadily increasing with the rapid industrialization in the Country. These belts are commonly used for industrial purposes in thermal plants, fertilizer plants, railways, chemical plant, etc. Rubber conveyor belt manufacturing is one of the most profitable rubber business ideas. You can start this manufacturing business with low investment. 

    10. Cotton Buds Making 

    Cotton buds or cotton swabs making business can be initiated as small scale or large scale basis. Any individual with small start-up capital can initiate this business as a home based also. Cotton buds are short spindle with one or both ends coated with an absorbent cotton padding. Such buds have long been used for various cosmetic and personal hygiene tasks, particularly for cleaning the ear. Cotton buds design has advanced significantly.


    11. Designer Lace Making

    Designer lace making business can be initiated as a home based with comparatively low startup capital. Lace is a craft material that used in textile or garment designing. In early days lace actually crafted by needles by hand. Nowadays hand made lace making is replaced by machine made lace making. Now modern  machinery is available to make lace through machines. The increasing demand of fashion garment has increased the demand for designer lace.

    12. Designer Saree Making

    Designer sarees are very popular among the female population in our country. Having a proper idea about current style and trend any individual can initiate this business as small scale unit.

    13. Envelope Making

    Paper envelopes are daily necessity items for household, educational organizations and offices. The demand is huge and it is ever increasing. With establishing either manual or automatic machine, you can initiate this business as small scale also.

    14. Flour Production

    Flour is produced by milling food grains. different varieties types of flour are used to prepare different foods. These are Wheat flour, brown flour, whole wheat flour, wholemeal flour etc. The Production process is simple. This business can be initiated as small scale basis with simple machinery.

    15. Fruit Bar Making

    Mango, pineapple fruit bars are very popular. The unit should be initiated according to the availability of raw materials. Fruit bar making process is simple. By installing simple machinery small scale unit can be initiated as a home based also.

    16. Gem Clip Making

    Gem clip or paper clip is an essential item as education and office stationery. Gem clip making process is simple. An entrepreneur with low startup capital can initiate this business as home-based also. Gem clip making business can be operated on a part-time or full-time basis. There is a huge demand of 100% stainless steel made gem clip globally.

    17. Ginger Garlic Paste Processing 

    Ginger and Garlic Paste is mainly used as a condiment in various food preparation and also serves as a carminative and gastric stimulant in many medicine preparations. As instant mixes and spices are becoming more popular, the demand for ginger garlic paste is also increasing. The Production process is simple and the product has an immense market opportunity for export also.

    18. Hair Band Making

    Hairband making business is a lucrative and profitable manufacturing idea that can be initiated as large scale or small scale basis. A Hairband is considered as hair accessories and used by girls and boys both. With the up gradation and change of fashion trend, different types of fashionable colourful hair band are now very popular. Broadly hair band comes with two different material.

    19. Hand Made Paper Making

    Hand made paper making is a craft idea. The process is simple and the paper can be used to make different project works for a school and for different craft making. Handmade paper can produce certain specialized varieties of paper, for example, watermark, filter paper and drawing sheets, etc.

    20. Honey Processing

    Honey processing is actually removing wax and other foreign unwanted particles from honey. You can establish the processing unit by two ways. Either by a manual system or by electrically driven. The Production process is simple and can be initiated as small scale and home based basis.

    21. Ice Cream Cone Making

    Ice cream cone making business can be initiated as home-based and small scale basis. Ice cream cones of many varieties flavours and in different forms are served round the year and demand is going up year after year. The most popular mode of serving is in cones as it is neat & clean, easy to store and there is no disposal need. With a continuous increase in the sale of ice-creams, demand for cones is increasing.

    22. Ice Cream Making

    Ice cream making business can be initiated as small scale basis with low startup capital investment. Ice cream making is a wonderful small business idea that any individual can explore to make handsome money out of it. Ice cream is a frozen blend of a sweetened cream mixture and air, with added flavorings. A wide variety of ingredients are allowed in ice cream, but the minimum amounts of milk fat, milk solids (protein + lactose + minerals), and air should be maintained in ice cream making.

    23. Jam Jelly Making

    Jam jelly-making business is profitable and can be initiated as a small scale business project with low capital investment. With proper planning and strategy, jam jelly-making business can be initiated home based also. Different allowances and grants from Government sector are also available. Most kinds of fruit and some vegetables are used to make a wide variety of jam and jelly. Fruit jam contains rich fruit pulp and available in mango, apple, mixed fruit, pineapple and orange flavors. Jelly is a clear, bright mixture made from fruit juice, sugar and sometimes pectin. Jelly and jam are used as a bread spread and as a filling for some cakes and cookies.

    24. Jute Bag Making

    Jute bag making business can be initiated as small scale basis. The jute bag manufacturing process in not complex. Jute is a naturally found, inexpensive, biodegradable fiber product. In starting jute bag making business, you will need to be careful about selection of the location. Easy availability of raw material is an important factor.

    25. Lemonade Making 

    Lemonade is actually a lemon flavoured very popular soft drink.The principal raw materials required are sugar, citric acid, flavor & essence, food color, and sodium benzoate. Lemonade making is capital and management intensive business.

    26. Naphthalene Ball Making

    Naphthalene balls are extensively used as a household preservative of woolen clothes and as a deodorant tablet for the toilets, urinals, bathrooms etc. It is a consumable product. It finds extensive application in cities. General awareness is improving in cleanliness and hence this product has got a good scope for growth. Naphthalene ball making is one of the most profitable home based manufacturing business ideas one can explore as the part-time basis also.

    27. Nut Bolt Making

    Nuts bolts making business is considered as light engineering product manufacturing. Nuts and bolts are a type of industrial fasteners used in various products, machines, structures etc. Nuts and bolts consist a major link in the family of industrial fasteners and are used by every industry.

    28. Papad Making

    Papad making business can be initiated as small scale and home based basis also. Papad making is one of the most profitable food processing business considering the low startup capital investment. Papad is a thin wafer-like product and served as fried or roasted.

    29. Slipper Manufacturing

    Rubber footware making from different colourful rubber sheet is a small scale profitable business. It can be initiated as a home-based business venture also. Slipper is considered as a household consumable item. The product is used by more or less every person. With the increasing population, the demand for the rubber foot ware is also increasing day-by-day.

    30. Woodworking 

    Woodworking business is a very good and profitable opportunity for those individuals who are really looking for a home based manufacturing idea with small startup capital. You will find many technically upgraded machinery for woodworking. Selecting the right product with focusing right niche is important in this business

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  • Up to five cups of coffee a day could help you live longer, new research has suggested.

    Up to five cups of coffee a day could help you live longer, new research has suggested.

    Moderate coffee consumption reduces the risk of dying prematurely from heart disease, neurological conditions such as Parkinson's disease, and Type 2 diabetes, scientists found in a study of more than 200,000 people.

    It also seems to lower the risk of suicide - but no association was seen with rates of cancer death.

    Whether the coffee contained caffeine made no difference. The benefits are thought to be linked to other plant compounds in coffee besides the stimulant.

    Lead scientist Ming Ding, from the Harvard T H Chan School of Public Health in the US, said: "Bioactive compounds in coffee reduce insulin resistance and systematic inflammation. That could explain some of our findings. However, more studies are needed to investigate the biological mechanisms producing these effects."

    The results, published in the journal 'Circulation', are from a pooled analysis of three large, on-going studies with a total of 208,501 male and female participants.

    Coffee-drinking was assessed using food questionnaires completed every four years for around 30 years.

    Compared with less or no coffee drinking, moderate coffee consumption was associated with a significant reduced risk of death across a range of causes.

    The analysis took into account other factors that could have influenced the results, including smoking, body mass index, levels of physical activity, alcohol consumption and diet.

    Co-author Professor Frank Hu, also from the Harvard T H Chan School of Public Health, said: "This study provides further evidence that moderate consumption of coffee may confer health benefits in terms of reducing premature death due to several diseases."

    Source: Irish Independent

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