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  • Dr. Merera arrested for breaching the state of emergency

    Dr. Merera arrested for breaching the state of emergency

     (EBC; December 1, 2016) - Chairman of the Oromo Federalist Congress (OFC) party, Dr Merera Gudina, has been arrested for violating the state of emergency. Dr. Merera is also vice chair of the Ethiopian Federal Democratic Unity Forum (MEDREK), and the Party's head of External Relations.

     According to a statement from the Secretariat of the Command Post for the execution of the State of Emergency, Dr. Merera was arrested for breaching article 2 of the first directive issued to apply the martial law.

    The article prohibits any contact and communication with outlawed terrorist organizations.





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  • William Davison View

    William Davison View 

    For all those kind people offering me sage advice about dealing with trolls, thank you. But consider this. Troll is primarily a word invented to demean people who disagree with you. Sure some people deserve it, but many just disagree with you. I agree with speaking out publicly in what I believe in and I will continue to do so. I agree it's probably not the best use of my time, but so be it. Unless we stand up for what we think, and know, is true, then we're nowhere. 

    What you might also consider is your own role. If you see the reputation of people you know being defamed, maybe you'd consider saying something public in defence? Like, for example, 'I know William, he's a committed professional journalist, and it's absurd to allege he's paid by the government to write propaganda'. Something like that. 
    It's all very easy to sit on the sidelines and tell me to not argue online with people so much. But if you hadn't noticed, in any number of political situations these days, there's quite a lot of people who think they have reasonable views sitting on the sidelines, while others with more, err, committed stances, slug it out. 
    Yeah, OK, I'll try not to get over-involved with people who are merely insulting me, so as not to encourage them, etc. But rather than just advising me to leave the floor to the zealots, why don't some of you think about stepping into the fray some time, rather than lurking comfortably in the shadows?




    Prepared by: William Davison

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  • Ethiopia's Merera Gudina detained after trip to Europe

    Ethiopia's Merera Gudina detained after trip to Europe

    Merera Gudina had violated Ethiopia's state of emergency by having contact with "terrorist" and "anti-peace" groups, state-linked media reported.

    Mr Merera criticised the state of emergency in an address to the European parliament on 9 November.

    The government imposed it in October to end an unprecedented wave of protests against its 25-year rule.

    Mr Merera, who is the leader of the Oromo Federalist Conference, was arrested on Wednesday at the airport in the capital, Addis Ababa, after he flew in from Brussels, reports BBC Ethiopia correspondent Emmanuel Igunza.

    Several of his relatives who were with him were also detained, local media report.

    European parliament member Ana Maria Gomes, who invited Mr Merera, told the BBC she was "extremely shocked" about the arrests.

    She said she would push for the European Union take a tougher line against the Ethiopian government.

    Mr Merera has previously criticised the arrests of hundreds of people from the Oromo and Amhara ethnic groups, which were at the forefront of anti-government protests.

    The meeting at the European parliament was also attended by Ethiopia's Olympic medallist Feyisa Lilesa.

    He refused to return home after the Rio Games, saying his life would be in danger.

    The marathon runner crossed the line in second place with his arms above his head in solidarity with Oromo activists.


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  • Find my friend. I am looking for my childhood best

    Please help me find my friend. I am looking for my childhood best
    friend Meselech Tsegie /Nannie who used to live in Addis and worked for Ethiopian Tourism commission and Ethiopian television service as an English news caster in the 80's till 1991. She may went to New Zealand on April 29,2012(?).If any one knows or think they may know her, I will be very grateful for your input.
    Many Thanks



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  • Ethiopian Ministry of Education: The University Entry Examination is Interrupted due to Exam Theft


    Ethiopian Ministry of Education: The University Entry Examination is Interrupted due to Exam Theft


    Ethiopian ministry of education have decided to interrupt the university entrance exam due to fear of hacking the exam sheets in some part of the country.  the ministry decided to take the plan "B" according the unexpected problem. Some opposition diaspora are treating for the liking of the exam theft. The ministry of education has asked official apology for students and parents. The ministry has also disproved the rumors that the 10th grade examination was also stole.




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